Lion (2016) English Film Short Review

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Lion English Movie ReviewGarth Davis’ much acclaimed biographical film was surprisingly a middle key affair for me, that shifts its tenor from the riveting to the prosaic and then back again to the gripping towards the climax.  As much as it remains that it’s an evocative piece that’s lifted straight out of life, there is no denying that the intensity that it sets out to achieve is strangely diluted as the film progresses beyond the first hour.

And yet, there is this absolutely adorable, tiny bundle of talent called Sunny Pawar, for whom I wouldn’t mind watching ‘Lion’ ten times over. Sporting a baggy shorts that is way large for him, the anguish that moulds Saroo is brought to life by this incredible 8 year old young actor, who ‘Lion’ would forever be remembered for!

The best moment for me in the film is the final scene where Abhishek Bharate, who plays Guddu in the film, looks back at the older Saroo (Dev Patel) from the rail tracks and then suddenly breaks into a grin. Balancing his feet on the rail tracks, he hops away, hollering at Saroo to follow him. That’s the kind of moment that makes up fine cinema; and the kind that makes ‘Lion’ a tremendously uplifting tale despite its minor flaws.

Verdict: Emotional Ride