The Rover (2014) English Movie Short Review

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There are films that stun you on account of a performance that you certainly had not rooted for, and Robert Pattinson’s Reynolds act in ‘The Rover’ is one that catches you by surprise. There are instances when the young actor even towers over the veteran Guy Pearce who is as effective as ever, playing the sober and all broody Eric, as they drive across the Australian waste land, post a global economic collapse.

‘The Rover’ and the cathartic effect that it manages to bring in, is mostly due to its two protagonists being so dissimilar to each other, and yet so startlingly alike. This certainly isn’t a film that depends on extensive dialogues, and with the stuttering and terribly confused Reynolds struggling hard to put his haphazard thoughts into words, it’s left mostly to Eric to deliver those few gem lines along the way.

With the dust settling on the dry landscape, as the final bullet is fired, ‘The Rover’ emerges as a chilling dystopian drama where trust has fled the earth and men and women lie in wait, to outdo each other with a vehemence that is frightening. David Michod’s film is impressive without doubt, and its minimalist ambience one not to be missed.

Verdict: Excellent