Pathrosinte Padappukal (2022) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

What actually works against Afsal Abdul Latheef’s ‘Pathrosinte Padappukal’ is its quirky trailer that had scaled up the expectations regarding the film to the skies. But on screen, the film hardly lives up to the hype, and turns out to be a prolonged series of jokes and one liners – some of which work, and some of which don’t – sans a solid tale to sprinkle them in.

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Thanneer Mathan Dinangal (2019) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Despite the showers having finally arrived after playing tardy for a while and the chill in the air around, film maker Girish A D props up a ripe watermelon right before you and slices off its sturdy top, unravelling the bright red pith that lies within, studded with glistening black seeds. Snatching a ladle off the shelves, he drives it straight in, scooping out oodles of mushy melon and dropping them straight onto a pitcher, even as you sit and watch in amazement, your mouths all set for a ship sail and your throats a tad drier than usual.

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