Theevandi (2018) Malayalam Movie Review – Veeyen

Fellini’s take on a man wanting to take a final puff and chuck away a long-standing addiction is akin to the first smoke ever; drawing in a bit too much of a cloudy breath and holding it all in for a moment before the anticipated onset of the dreaded cough, throwing out a whole lot than one had bargained for, in spurts and spasms. And when peace is finally regained, the smoke or what is left of it, slowly dissipates into the air around.

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Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!

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Ever since National Award winning actor Surabhi Lakshmi went Live on Facebook yesterday, and reacted against the dreadful experience that she had to endure along with several other motorists at the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza, varied responses have started pouring in. While the actor has been mostly lauded for what she had done, there have also been a few brickbats that were thrown her way. Continue reading “Why Surabhi deserves all support in the Paliyekkara Toll Plaza issue!”