That Freak Voice in ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’!

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Oru Mexicam AparathaOf late, my interest in films on campus politics has waned, precisely because of all the inflated glorification that one gets to see in them. Exceptions are always welcome, though the trailer of ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’ directed by Tom Immatti, looks like it has the red flag royally flying all over it. But then with a title as that, what else does one expect?However, as I was watching the trailer some time back, one face in particular caught my eye. Sporting a spring hairdo that bobs up and down, he screams at the top of his voice that its his body, his freedom and that he would grow hair as he likes. And adds that he would grow a mouche as well, provided one comes up some time!!

That’s the moment for me in this trailer, and he is one reason why I am already looking forward to watching ‘Oru Mexican Aparatha’. And even willing to pretend that I never saw Tovino taking those huge strides as the trailer draws to a close, in a wig that looks as if the makeup guy was having a real bad day.